Gene Bertolet g62

Gene g62 and Juanita (Ranes) Bertolet retired on 12/31/22 from OMS (One Mission Society,
formerly OMS International, formerly The Oriental Missionary Society) after more than 56 years
of service. They served primarily at the Headquarters in Greenwood Indiana but also served for a
short time in Korea. The book Sharper Than Any Two-Edged Sword, by Warren Hardig, includes
the story of Gene’s work, which has much to do with the Missionary Church and FWBC. Copies
of this book are on Amazon.


Alison (Enos) Prather g06

Alison (Enos g06) and Dylan Prather welcomed Solomon RJ on January 26, 2021. He was 9lbs. 13oz. and 20.5 in. long. Solomon was born 5 weeks early and “graduated” from the NICU to home 27 days after his birth. Alison, Dylan, and Solomon currently reside in Cape Coral, FL, where Alison teaches algebra and geometry at Mariner High School.

Jodi Openhuizen fs93, TUUg98

Jodi Oppenhuizen fs93 and TUU g98 was recently named School Director of the Christian International School of Prague. She will officially begin her duties as Director on April 6, 2021. Jodi has served CISP since 2013 and in the Czech Republic as a missionary for over 20 years. She speaks fluent Czech and is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Leadership through Columbia International University.

Mark g83 and Sheryl (Bower)g83 Douras

Mark g83 and Sheryl (Bower g83) Douras recently announced that effective July 1, 2021, Mark will be leaving the role of senior pastor at Mt Olive Missionary Church and will assume full-time duties with Refreshing Mercies Ministry. This Bible-based, prayer-saturated, and relationship-driven ministry provides a safe haven of rest and spiritual recovery for people from all walks of life who need refreshing. Through short retreat sessions, Refreshing Mercies helps people navigate through loss, tragedy, and life transition. Their ministry also includes video counseling around the world, speaking events, and publication of brochures on pain, loss, and relationship issues. Additionally, Mark and Sheryl have created a video devotional series called “Take a Walk with Pastor Mark,” in which they teach Biblical truths and their applications to children and their families.